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43rd Patotsav

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Bhajan Night

Video of the recent Bhajan show performed by Willesden is available to view below.

Upcoming UK Shibhir 2016

Apanu Laksha

One Goal. One God.

We live in a hectic world. There’s so much to do, see and experience. The possibilities are endless.
In such a fast paced world, it’s easy to “go with the flow” and live life without a purpose.
It’s easy to lose focus on our ultimate goal in life, the reason why we’re here, our laksha; to attain Maharaj.

With the blessings of H.H. 1008 Acharya Shree Koshalendraprasadji Maharaj & S.G Mahant Swami Dharmanandan Dasji, Shree Swaminarayan Temple, Bhuj present the UK’s first Yuvak Mandal Shibir, Apanu Laksha.

Why attend?

SPIRITUAL SEMINARS – interactive and thought provoking, take your satsang knowledge to the next level.
LEARN ABOUT YOURSELF – Why are you here? What do you want to achieve in life? How can you work towards your material and spiritual goals?
BE INSPIRED – Meet and learn from fellow devotees from Mandirs across the UK. Make new friendships that could last a lifetime!
SANT SAMAGHAM – Listen to & learn from esteemed santos from Bhuj, India. Let them guide you on your spiritual journey.
LEARN LIFE SKILLS – whether it’s motivation, confidence in public speaking or working as a team, we will look to develop life skills through fun, interactive activities.
HAVE FUN! – with sports, outdoor activities and games, you’re guaranteed to have great weekend.

Shibir details

Date: Friday 25 thMarch to Monday 28 thMarch 2016
Venue: Condover Hall, Church Street, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY5 7AU


Males & females aged between 14-40 are eligible to attend.
Fee: £80 per person excl. travel costs.
Please note that applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Please contact your local Mandir representative for more information

More information will be available soon from

Tulsi Vivah 2015

Tulsi Vivah Celebrations

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